Chimney Cleaning Service

Eagle Cleaning Solutions

Chimney Cleaning

Regular chimney cleaning is the only way to avoid chimney fires. This ensures that deposits of soot do not accumulate in the chimney to be set alight by flames from an open fire. All solid fuels produce some level of soot which will build up without regular cleaning. It is advisable to have your chimney cleaned at least once each year.

We use a Brush & Power Vacuum system. This ensures that we can stand over our ‘No Mess Guarantee’. We use clean dustsheets to protect your flooring. Soot is removed from chimney using the power vacuum, while our protection boards are designed to ensure that minimum dust particles escape during cleaning process.

Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Cowls - We supply and fit Chimney Cowls which are very effective for prevention of downdraughts.

Bird Guards - It is very common for birds to nest in chimneys. This can be easily prevented by having a Bird Guard fitted to your chimney. We can do this immediately after your chimney has been cleaned to maximise the benefit of the clean.

Nest Removal - Any existing nests can be removed during chimney cleaning.